December 7, 2023

Win the chance to direct a film and £1000 towards production: Six degrees of Summer

Six Degrees of Summer – Help create a British short film and get mentored by a BAFTA winner!

In this most exciting of summers BAFTA winner Tom Shankland has announced an exciting new project to make a film that celebrates the British summer. Six degrees of Summer is being curated for O2 Guru TV and is a collaborative film that needs you to help create it. It will be shot entirely on smartphones.
Watch Tom Shankland introduce the film:

Be part of an award-winning team!

Five award-winning British directors, have been challenged to create a 3-minute piece that expresses their vision of British summertime. The directors will create their films in sequence over Summer 2012. There is an extra twist that gives the project added bite – each filmmaker only sees the last moments of the preceding film and has to start their narrative from that point – a sort of cinematic equivalent of the game Consequences. Tom Shankland is overseeing the project, and directing the first and last films.

Submit your ideas and win!

You are needed to get involved in the ‘Six Degrees of Summer’ project too, because the fourth film in the series of six will be directed by a member of the public. That’s right, you can help create this film, see your ideas on the screen and go to the exclusive premiere! Between 4th and 13th August 2012, you must submit an idea for the fourth instalment on O2 Guru TV, and the winner, chosen for and mentored by Tom, will create their own 3-minute mobile masterpiece. You will get access to editing equipment and £1000 towards the production.

How to enter:

Visit to find out how to enter. Watch the final shot of Film 3 to see how it inspires you. You will have to submit a short synopsis and an explanation of your final shot on between 4th and 13th August 2012.
 If you have ideas for a great 3 minute film to celebrate the British summer then why not enter and get your film made? You can watch behind-the-scenes footage at  There is a doumentary about the making of Film 1 here: Good luck!

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