August 19, 2022

Atsuko Tanaka, Electric Dress (1956)

Atsuko Tanaka

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

The electric dress, the name draws you in on its own without even seeing the art piece, but as soon as you walk into the gallery your eyes are drawn to this piece of art. It seems so ‘out there’ so different, so unusual, so…this is art? Well art can be anything, art is what you see it to seems that this creation is magical, it lights up every 3 minutes for just 30 seconds. You definitely have to treasure the moment the lights come on. It feels like it is Christmas, when you have your tree up and your fairy lights are all bright and lighting up the room. It has been worn as a dress – bizarre, but the greatest pieces have to come to life

The whole exhibition is based on this extraordinary art piece, the paintings around it add to how beautiful it actually is. You have to see if for yourself to appreciate it.

By Emma Hale

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