February 9, 2023

Black Rainbows

Black Rainbows
Black Rainbows is the much-awaited fourth album from Brett Anderson, which saw release in stores and online this week. This record sees the Suede frontman revert back to basics, and the difference is astounding. It is in this simple format that Anderson shines.

The album opens with Unsung; swooping melodies, heartfelt lyrics and echoing vocals build up a rich tapestry of sound from which the rest of the album will form. The first single from the record follows. Brittle Heart’s undeniably pop refrains add a more lifting side to the album, complimented by the next track – Crash About To Happen – which continues the upbeat feel, priding itself on a combination of bright, cheery guitars and less than joyful lyrics.

It’s the rockier songs, however, that showcase Anderson at his best. I Count The Times merges layers of vocals with a driving melody in a fashion that makes the track easily able to stand alone. ‘The Exiles’ takes this to the next stage, interchanging forceful rhythms, dynamic refrains, and dark lyrics, building up to a powerful chorus. Thin Men Dancing is perhaps the strongest track on the album. Forceful guitars underpin the melody as Anderson’s voice resounds familiarly over the instrumentation, embedding the words into the listeners mind.

With this record, listeners are once again presented with Brett Anderson on top form. His distinctive voice is complimented by cynically romantic lyrics, words the listener can all too easily get absorbed in. Black Rainbows sounds both familiar and fresh, and the combination of the two adds a further chapter to a legacy that shows no signs of ending any time soon.

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