December 7, 2023

Does one die in Rome or at Rome? Shelley, Keats and the cemetery

The Protestant cemetery in Rome is a calm, shady area away from the traffic and noise of Rome. When you come out of the tube station at Pyramide near Porta San Paolo you will see the Pyramid of Cestius. Make sure you go to the right of it and then circle to the left. Otherwise you will have to walk around the whole cemetery to find the entrance.

IMG 0305

The Pyramide was built in circa 15BC and has been incorporated into the city walls. Behind it lies the cemetery, called by Oscar Wilde the ‘Holiest Place in Rome.’ It is certainly a relaxing and quiet place for reflection. There are many gravestones of which most visitors visit just two. Keats and Shelley. There are other fascinating designs and inscriptions, giving rise to the grammar question – does one die in Rome or at Rome. No one seems quite sure, some graves say one, some the other.

IMG 0311

The cemetery has been in operation since 1783 and is kept in good condition by a team of volunteers.

IMG 0324Keats’ grave does not refer to him by name.
IMG 0349

When I visited Shelley’s grave had a red rose lying on it.

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  1. Hail Tribune,
    This is a great location…peaceful!
    If one died at Rome (or any city), i believe it denoted; while traveling (or attempting to conquer,)with Rome as a stop. Whereas in; while living in Rome. Though I ain’t positive!

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