March 21, 2023

Don’t buy an Apple iphone 5 – Eschew the Intelligent madness of Applesheep #iphone5

Materialism sufferers: Don’t be an Applesheep, you don’t need an iphone 5

So it’s iphone launch time again and normally sane and sensible people are suddenly acting as though they are bereft of intelligence. A slightly different version of what they already have is being advertised and they feel they have to own one. Some even queue overnight to get one.

This is lunacy.

Don’t do it! There must be a part of your brain that is telling you you do not need to get the new iphone 5. There must be a part of your brain that is pointing out that there is always a newer model six months down the line.

How do Apple do it?

Other companies must be so annoyed that Apple manage to stage-manage this annual display of intelligent madness. They must be sniggering as they count their money and wondering how much longer it can go on. How do they do it? Answers in the comments below please.

What should I buy instead?

You don’t need to buy anything! Your phone works perfectly. It’s only six months old. Remember all the hassle you had to get it working as you want – do you really want to go through all that again? Learn to make your own decisions. Don’t be ruled by a corporation.

But it’s thinner!

Have you really been having so much trouble putting it in your pocket that being a tiny bit thinner is important?

It’s got an aluminium back!

Listen to yourself. Just listen to yourself. Are you twelve?

It’s got a bigger screen!

Have you have been struggling to see your current screen? Have you really been thinking this is great, but if only the screen was half an inch taller? I thought not.


1. You already have a phone that works.

2. You don’t normally follow trends so why are you following this one?

3. The mapping isn’t as good as the phone you had before the one you own now.

4. Having the latest iphone is not a sign of cool.

5. There are better things to do than queue.

6. Do you really want a company to pwn you?

7. Do you want people to think you are an Applesheep?

8. Think of the fellows making the things.

9. Think of Apple’s coffers.

10 Think!


How long will your shiny new iphone 5 be your dream phone? When is the iphone 6 being launched? The iphone 5S is coming after Christmas…I want an iphone 7. Have you heard the rumours about the iphone 8S? Is it true the iphone 9 is even thinner? When is the iphone10…

1 Comment on Don’t buy an Apple iphone 5 – Eschew the Intelligent madness of Applesheep #iphone5

  1. The appeal of an iPhone is so visceral and addictive that you might as well be urging a junkie to eschew smack. I like the speed of my 4S, but for design I long for the days of the 3S. It felt so good when it snuggled in my palm that I walked around holding it just for the pleasure. But when I picked up a friend’s iPhone 5 I nearly wept with disappointment: most kids’ toys look and feel more convincing.

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