March 21, 2023

Highlights of the Arezzo Archaeological museum

The Archaeological museum in Arezzo has several collections of interest to the inquisitive visitors. These include Etruscan, Roman and early-medieval sections as well as prehistoric and paleontological collections. It is located in an ex-monastery from the 14th century and provides good views of the Amphitheatre remains.

1. Remains of the AmphitheatreIMG 0666

The Museum is built on the southern edge of the Arezzo Amphitheatre which dates from 2nd century AD. There is little left, but it retains the shape and sense of an arena. It used to hold 18,000 spectators, which must have been the population of Arezzo and all their visiting cousins.

2. Mosiacs

IMG 0669

I think we’re all agreed you can’t beat a good original Roman mosaic.

3. Lead pipes

IMG 0672

I know you’re thinking lead pipes don’t sound that exciting. But these are engraved with the owner’s name.

4. Delightful terracotta figurines

IMG 0675

8th Century BC

5. Krater drinking cup

IMG 0678

With scroll handles, dated to around 500BC. Attributed to Euphronios it shows the battle between Heracles and the Amazons

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