December 8, 2023

Lawless London

There’s anarchy going on round London town
Smashed windows, robbed corner shops and morale is down.
The community is crushed, crumbling against the flames
And all they can say is it’s because youths have no aims.

Well if you were constantly broke and on the dole
You would feel, agitated and aggravated until you lose control.
It’s not that all these youths don’t actually have a goal
They’re reacting against few jobs, and unwarranted police patrol

Hell yeah black boys must be sick of stop and search.
We all know police are prejudice the evidence is there in the research.
So in rebellion to the police force’s hypocrisy
The youths are gonna act up making a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s the government who have made them materially deprived,
So they’re gonna do what they’ve gotta do to survive.
Gigantic tuition fees and no jobs won’t help them thrive
So they’ve decided to take what they can to stay alive.

Some say it’s because they’re just idle and bored,
The truth of the matter is that they’re tired of being ignored .
They’re mad at this mess so they make noise and riot
Would any action have been taken if they remained quiet?

So each corner of the capital is cursed with clashes,
Just hope that 10 Downing Street hears the smashes.
Youth are bold, brazen and belligerent with their bashes
It’s pent up frustration that their prospects have been burnt to ashes.

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