December 8, 2023

Rome’s Capitoline museums – Highlights part 2

Part 2 of our survey of the treasures in Rome’s Capitoline museums. Statues are the biggest draw in the collection, although there is an art gallery on the top floor of the Palazzo dei Conservatori. In any other museum this would be regarded as a must-see. Here though there are so many other artworks vying for your attention…

Resting SatyrIMG 0392

A copy of the famous Satyrs attributed to Praxiteles

Fragments of colossal statue of Constantine

IMG 0371

Part of the museum’s collection since its founding in 1471. The hand would originally have supported the globe.

The Doves mosaic

IMG 0401

Found in Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli this mosaic is composed of tiny fragments.

Fountain statue of Marforio

IMG 0405

This statue used to sit at the base of the Capitol hill. Ancient Romans used to attach critiques, poems and written attacks to it, signed with the anonymous name Pasquino. Thus it was seen as the first talking sculpture.

Bust of Emperor Commodus

IMG 0418

Commodus loved to fight in the Colosseum, as long as the animals were doctored to take away any actual danger. He had himself sculpted as Hercules, the heroic God figure that he admired.

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