March 31, 2023

The best chocolate ice cream in Rome

Rome is full of gelaterie selling the most delicious of chocolate ice creams. To be hailed the best in Rome then takes something special. Something unexpected. Something maybe like burying a cherry in the centre of the ice cream as a delicious finale to a stunning taste adventure. Tre Scalini on Piazza Navona is the place that serves the chocolate icecream that most deserves the title best in Rome.CAM00146

Why Romans like to spray cream on everything I am not sure. But we can look past that to the chocolately goodness below. If you are on a diet than stay away. This is one of those desserts that screams calories. It has existed since 1946 and uses several different cocoas to make the final dark, brooding masterpiece. The taste is what every chocolate lover craves, but colder and icier and more refreshing. The outside is dappled with shavings of chocolate to give a hedgehoggy look that soon disappears as you dig into the creamy cioccolato. Just when you are lamenting the speedy disappearance of the favourite thing you have ever eaten, out pops the cherry to give you a momentary gasp of excitement before arguing with yourself whether having another tartufo would be greedy. if you haven’t tried one give it a go the next time you are in Rome.

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