May 20, 2022

Why you should visit the Raindance Film Festival #RDFF

Indie film lovers in London are enjoying a treat at the moment – the 22nd edition of the Raindance Film Festival is underway. If you would like to join them and experience the best of independent cinema from around the world it’s all taking place at the Vue, Piccadilly until 5th October. With events, discussions and seminars amongst the screenings the festival is aimed at film-makers as well as audiences and that insider vibe makes for a fun experience.

Film festivals are the best places to see films amongst other enthusiast. But some have more atmosphere than others. Here are a few reasons to try out Raindance.

It’s got focus

It mainly takes place at Vue Piccadilly. There’s no racing across town to another cinema, no missing one film because the tube was delayed.

It’s also got breadth.

There’s not just one type of film. Features mix with shorts, documentaries with fiction. Films come from all over the globe. You’ll be able to see all sorts of different views, techniques and stories.

It’s friendly

There are no security guys who haven’t smiled for decades stopping you entering or confiscating the apple they find in your bag. In fact there’s no one looking in your bag at all.

You can meet the  filmmakers

The filmmakers aren’t kept away from the audience. They hang around and chat. There are Q&A sessions after many of the films which give insights into the making of the films.

Hurrah for shorts

There are short film strands, but also many features are shown with a relevant short film before. That’s how a trip to the cinema should be.

Comfy seats – with a proper view

The Vue Piccadilly  has well raked seats – you can still see the screen even if that person with the expansive hairstyle sits in front of you.

Inclusive vibe

Raindance is for people who love film. It’s not a conveyor belt of jaded stars heading in for a day’s hard sell. Raindance is a great choice for a film festival newbie. Pick a film or two and go and experience something new.

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