May 27, 2022

BREO – colourful lifestyle accessories for those looking for adventure

Breo is the colourful lifestyle accessories brand for those looking for a bit of adventure. Simplicity and style are key to their ethos and have been right from the beginning.

Breo believe that life is for living. Don’t Blend in. Don’t settle for the mundane. However you want to escape the everyday, have fun. And do it in style.

BREO was founded with two things in mind… Simplicity and style. These beliefs continue to underpin everything the brand does. Back in 2008, BREO founder, Rob Morrison spotted the need for an alternative kind of watch. The kind you can wear without worrying about. The kind that fits with your sporty image. The kind that doesn’t make you look like you’ve completely lost touch with fashion. Cue BREO. With its simple design, affordable price and vibrant bright colours, it captured the imaginations of active and stylish people the world over. And its success has inspired a whole range of BREO products. Some tell the time. Some help you listen to music, yet all follow the same concept. They bring simplicity and style crashing together to produce fun, bright, quality products.

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