January 23, 2022

Daniel Temkin: 98.1034 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Devotion Gallery

54 Maujer St at Lorimer,  Brooklyn  (L to Lorimer or G to Metropolitan)

On view until October 28th, 2012


98.1034 Bottles of Beer on the Wall provides drunken encounters with compulsive systems. A program continually preens itself, inserting lines of code to change its visual representation, but along the way, introducing glitches and new patterns of behavior. A therapist program tries to dispense advice as her logic slowly breaks down. Sound editing software turns simple geometric shapes into hallucinatory landscapes. Photoshop generates intricate patterns in an attempt to hide visual compression. A book displays the abuses and absurdities of the DNS system, an addressing apparatus that has seemingly exhausted meaningful combinations of English words.


Daniel Temkin (b. 1973, Boston, MA) lives and works in Queens. He holds an MFA in photography from the International Center of Photography / Bard College. His work focuses on the breakdown of communication and on the inherently broken patterns of thought that distance us from the world. He is currently serving as artist-in-residence at Harvestworks for their one-year New Works residency.


His work is included in Rhizome at the New Museum’s ArtBase collection. Galleries and institutions that have exhibited his work include Devotion, Higher Pictures, American University Museum and Columbia University’s Macy Art Gallery. His work has been featured on PBS’s OffBook series and on Fast Company’s Co.Design blog. He has presented at conferences such as Media Art History (Rewire) in Liverpool, GLI.TC/H at School of the Art Institute, the College Art Association’s New Media Caucus at School of the Visual Arts and SlideFest at School of the International Center of Photography.

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