February 4, 2023

Free EP from The Title Sequence available today @titlesequence

The Title Sequence are a north London based duo comprising of songwriter David Bailey and producer Nick Crofts. With influences encompassing Camera ObscuraBoards Of Canada and Solar Bears, they fuse vocals, guitars, keyboards and a vintage reel tape decks to create their own unique lo-fi strand of indie electronica.

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming single ‘Pay Day’ and debut album ‘Stills’, the duo are offering Straight To Video’ as a free digital download. Get your hands on it here. The 5 track EP offers an insight into the bands rich musical heritage and enchanted aesthetic.


1. Out of This
2. My Light Was On
3. Hide And Seek
5. Desert Song

Out Of This’ begins with an upbeat drum loop and light hearted guitar melody harmonized with soft vocals. ‘My Light Was On’ tells the story of a lost romance against a wonderful medley of instruments combined to create an intriguing song. ‘Hide and Seek’ follows in a similar fashion with a simple but beautiful looped guitar chord. ‘VHSEX’ highlights the band’s strong production values, combining the white noise of their vintage tape deck reel with steel drums. The final track ‘Desert Song’ opens like an old Western film, with the classic trumpet sound and strum of the guitar, as the track develops it builds into wonderful piece of music with tight drumming, vocals and stunning lyrics.

There’s a quality of nostalgia buried within their output, be it their music, videos and artwork. Rather than using the latest technologies to create music they make use of outdated technologies. At a recent London performance their setup included a vintage tape deck reel and an original Wurlitzer electric piano. There’s no doubt that these instruments are reflected prominently within their music. ‘Straight To Video’ artwork was also produced by The Title Sequence and is based on the original design of a VHS tape.

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