October 28, 2021

Help in times of Bereavement – A Christian perspective by Penelope Bourdillon

Everyone suffers the pain of bereavement at sometime in their life. Yet it is little spoken about and sufferers often feel alone in their grief. ‘Hope in the Valley: a companion in times of bereavement’ is a booklet written from a Christian perspective by Penelope Bourdillon intended to help and encourage people after the loss of a loved one.

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Having suffered the unexpected death of her own husband, Penelope felt that she could help others by writing about her own personal experience of loss and loneliness. It was her trust and belief in the Christian faith that enabled her to be a cornerstone for friends and family throughout this heartrending time.

Hope in the Valley describes a journey through which we reach an understanding about life and death and helps us to see that we are not alone. We can gain strength, even in the darkest moments of our lives, by truly believing that the living God is always available to help us through any pain and suffering. Indeed, He never allows us to have more than we can cope with.

Hope in the Valley does not try to sanitise the journey or make it sound easy, but it tries to assure the reader that although God often gives us stony paths to tread, He will give us stout boots in which to walk; and what is more, He will hold our hand as we walk the path if we ask Him to.

Penelope is a trustee of the Christian Centre for Rural Wales, which has a permanent presence at the Royal Welsh Show-ground. People of any denomination, or none, can come at any time to seek the Lord’s presence. Hope in the Valley is illustrated by fellow trustee Marcia Gibson-Watt, a professional artist, and is being sold to raise funds for the Centre.

Hope in the Valley has already been of comfort to those who have had to travel along the same road of grief and loneliness. If you have recently been bereaved or know someone who has then you can find more details and order the booklet from the following website:


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