March 21, 2023

I Write the Bee Sides…

Trawling junk shops, getting covered in chalk & charcoal, scavenging for a drum kit. These are probably not the usual activities of someone preparing for a book launch. But with seismic changes afoot (that’s right I used the word seismic), the literary world is throwing the traditional tweed manual for correct behaviour out of the window. As an art-school-kook with dog-eared hippy tendencies, who am I to disagree?

The launch party in question isn’t just about the gorgeously strange novel ‘Dogtooth Chronicals’ (sic), it’s also launching Bees Make Honey, a creative co-operative blog and, as of this week, independent publisher. So it seems apt that this shindig should provide a platform for local talent in the East Midlands with live music, a film short/novel teaser & some arty stalls. All hosted in the cafe bar of Nottingham Contemporary art gallery.

While us indie kids are embracing the digital revolution for the freedom it gives us to reach precious niche audiences, we’re still big time suckers for vinyl & paperbacks. As such Dogtooth Chronicals is available in ebook & paperback (the launch party also boasts a record stall from local label Gringo).

Here is my author profile on Amazon for more info & links to buy the book. It will be available on the night for a special introductory price of £7.50.

If you’re interested in the publishing or other aspects, do have a butchers at the Bees Make Honey Blog.

And if you’re stuck for free entertainment tomorrow night in Nottingham, come join the fun!

*Please note the paperback being sold directly from amazon is that pricey because it’s print-on-demand, look a little further for a copy at £9.45

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