December 5, 2021

Is Boris aiming higher than Number Ten? President of the USA

Boris Johnson has managed to make himself the most recognisable politician in the UK, but the London Olympics have allowed him to become known overseas as well. His fame there is not as high, no one yet chants his name on the Champs Elysee, but is he putting in the ground work, bedding in a few bon mots ready for the day when they will repay him? For Boris has his eye on the Premiership, of that no one is in doubt. That though may not be the end of his ambitions.

There was a time when becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would be the highest achievement of a politician’s career. Boris has other ideas. For him the British premiership would be a staging post on his ride to greater power. Boris harbours dreams of using the worldwide ¬†recognition that would accrue from a successful premiership to launch himself on one of two unlikely targets: The Presidency of the EU and the Presidency of the USA. By quirk of birth he is eligible for the highest position in the USA. His route to the White House would be unique, but is a distinct possibility. After two terms in Washington he may well picture himself ruling the other half of the Western world from Brussels. If the USA dream doesn’t come off he might just go to Brussels straight after Number Ten.

Our blond friend has a vaulting ambition, but will it o’erleap itself?





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