June 25, 2022

Relaunched Elephant magazine reaches the news stands

There’s a new Elephant in the Room

Issue 20 of art and culture magazine Elephant has been released into the wild, with embossed titles, new design and new features. This issue includes two sections featuring several works from four different artists РGabriele Beveridge, Andrew Brischler, Oscar Murillo and Ellen Kooi. Displayed with only one image per page they function as in-magazine art galleries.

Positioned as an art culture magazine, Elephant takes the view that all culture is interlinked and people are interested in a broad range of subjects. So painting can mix with photography, travel, design and fashion. The visual artist might start each new trend but its effects will quickly be seen in a variety of media and places.

There are exhibition reviews, but articles cover a variety of cultural topics from the Volcano Extravaganza on Stromboli near Sicily, to Japanese sex dolls. Gus Van Sant is interviewed on his return to making ‘art art’ and there are more long interviews with Sam Falls and other artists. Black and white photographs from Osamu Kanemura add a Tokyo love song to an extended Japanese section.

Aiming to scan the surface of art culture the new design hopes to help better explore the lively subject matter. It looks good and is a pleasant object. Job done.


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