December 7, 2023

TV preview: Shackleton: Death or Glory @DiscoveryUK

Earlier this year, the ‘Shackleton Epic’ crew attempted to recreate Ernest Shackleton’s 800-mile Antarctic voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia using a replica of the explorer’s original boat and challenging themselves to only use the equipment that would have been available to Shackleton, almost 100 years ago. The experience was documented for Discovery Channel’s adventure series, Shackleton: Death or Glory which starts on the 24th October.


Expedition leader and modern-day explorer, Tim Jarvis is one of the world’s leading adventurers, holding the world record for the fastest unsupported journey to the South Pole (1999) and having undertaken an unsupported trek to the North Pole in 2002, crossing approximately 400 kilometres of the frozen Arctic Ocean. He also made the first unsupported crossing of Australia’s largest desert, the Great Victorian Desert in 2001, amongst many awe-inspiring adventures. In 2013, Jarvis – along with his six man team – undertook his most daring challenge to date: following the path of Shackleton’s epic journey across 800 nautical miles of the treacherous Southern Ocean and the following journey, on foot, across South Georgia’s deadly mountain range.


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