June 25, 2022

UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA – “Unknown Mortal Orchestra” Album Verdict

Unknown Mortal Orchestra didn’t stay unknown for long. When listening to their debut, it’s not hard to see why. It’s subtly psychedelic, each song bristling with a rough and ready energy of its own. The album is essentially a collection of fully formed ear worms, ready to get stuck in your head and stay there for a long time. The ripest ear worms come in the form of ‘Ffunny Friends’ with its unstoppable groove and ‘Little Blue House’ with its catchier than the common cold chorus. As a whole, it’s a record that is bursting at the seams with ideas. Off-kilter guitar hooks noodle in unison with thick bass lines and drums that just won’t stop shuffling. You won’t want them to stop, as you’ll soon be shuffling in time to each snare thwack. Just when you thought guitar music was fresh out of ideas, these saviours of sound groove their way into our lives. It wouldn’t be classed as insanity to see this debut as a modern classic. Who knows where they will go next? It seems like they have too many ideas for their own good. Feeling lost or out of touch with modern music? Need a surreally catchy antidote to chart music? Open your ears to Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


Release Date: Out now
Record Label: Fat Possum


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