October 2, 2023

8 Ties: Digital installation by Miguel Chevalier for Hermès at Selfridges

From the 10th November to the 2nd December the Hermès boutique at Selfridges will house ‘8 Ties’, an interactive digital installation created by artist Miguel Chevalier. It has been inspired by a new collection of Hermès Twill ties, whose designs are all based on technology.

8 Ties by Miguel Chevalier

This project, mixing poetry and technology, is an invitation to discover the Hermès men’s silk universe through the eyes of digital virtuoso Miguel Chevalier. The artist integrates eight tie designs into the two works, offering an unexpected vision of Hermès’ new collection of ‘heavy twill’ ties. These new designs embody the characteristic elements of computer culture such as the USB symbol, the On/Off symbol and the cable jack, and find perfect expression in the world of Miguel Chevalier.


Miguel Chevalier has been using computers as his principal artistic medium since 1978 thus establishing himself on the international scene as a pioneer of virtual and digital art. The two complementary installations created for Hermès will captivate the visitor.  The first, installed in the menswear department is an interactive, virtual-reality wall projection, eight meters long. It is inspired by the artist’s “Binary Wave” artwork and is an enticing experience; the visitors’ movements both activate a generative music composed by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi and animate patterns of’ USB’, ‘Key Board’ or ‘Binary’ ties designs on the wall.


The second and more intimate, is an interactive virtual book adapted from his “Herbarius 2059” work. In its pages, the visitor discovers the metaphorical texts written by philosopher Christine Buci-Glucksmann. They illustrate each of the tie designs as well as new and unexpected ways to knot a tie: the simple knot, the Windsor knot or the double simple knot and the multiple Windsor knot. This work will be on display in the existing Hermès boutique in Selfridges Wonder Room.


‘8 Ties’ by Miguel Chevalier will be live from 10 November 2012 – until 2 December 2012. The Hermès’ Heavy Twill ties that inspired the works will be retailed alongside each installation.

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