December 3, 2023

Love your hoody? Win £1000 of @Bench_clothing #lovemyhood

In celebration of the hoody being an integral piece of every Bench collection since they began back in Manchester in the late 1980’s, #lovemyhood has launched a competition in London to win a city break or £1000 of clothing. It was launched with an exhibition to celebrate the rise of the fashion blogger.

Focusing on the blogger and how they have become a formidable part of the fashion landscape, the exhibition turned the lenses of bloggers and young influencers alike back on themselves by inviting them to be photographed or illustrated by one of four incredible artists and photographers –  Andrew Khosravani, Dominic Marley, Rebel Yuth aka John Speed and Stew Capper.

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Each artist captured the portrait of 16 young bloggers and influencers selected for their discerning taste and style. They worked collaboratively to interpret an iconic piece of Bench apparel – the hoody – into an image that defines and reflects their experience of London, the city they live and work in.

The #lovemyhood campaign spans the globe from Canada to Germany, and celebrates how the young city dweller adapts their hoody to fit their busy everyday lives.

Find out more about #lovemyhood and the competition to win a city break and £1,000 of Bench gear by clicking below.

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