July 12, 2024

The Art Sonneteer on seeing Modigliani at @Tate Modern #poetry #art #modigliani

On seeing Modigliani at Tate Modern

Modigliani has come to Modern Tate

And off the bat let’s say it’s a great show.

It’s over-due (by years) that we should fête

the stunning works of Livorno’s Amedeo.

His vision filtered through his love of Egypt

and all the treasures studied in the Louvre.

His sitters almond-eyed, and very small-lipped,

(only a few non-portraits in his oeuvre).

He wanted to be known for his sculpture,

but paintings are his main gift to our culture.


Oft in big shows there’s lots of filler

not here – the curators really got great pix

Work after work’s a real thriller

with sculptures too, and sketches in the mix.

Development seems low – but then he died young,

the style he found didn’t need much change.

E’en so the walls with masterpieces are hung –

enjoy the depth of work, if not the range.

An artist that makes you stop and wonder

if art since then has rather made a blunder.

The Art Sonneteer


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