December 11, 2023

The Hermes iPhone Tie Break app and their Spring–Summer 2015 accessories collection

To celebrate the launch of their Spring-Summer 2015 collection Hermes have released a free Tie Break iPhone app. Available here, it includes a helpful How to Knot guide, explaining a few different ways to attach your tie to your neck. It also shows samples of the new season’s designs along with information on the making of ties and some (silly) games.

The new accessories collection is wide-ranging and includes hats, bags, saddles, pens and even a bike. A few highlights include:

Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 09 31 52

Pantographe Desk Lamp

A draughtsman’s instrument, the pantograph has lent its name to a lighting family. Made of a jointed stem and arm, this lamp dutifully follows the hand to better light each movement. Decorated with leather and metal, it rests on a leather-cased base that doubles as a change tray.

Creation Michele De Lucchi

Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 09 35 00

Jean-Jaques Rousseau Carreé de notes Silk scarf 

The words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau are released from a notebook to form embroidered and printed calligrams.

Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 09 38 45

La lanterne d’Hermès

This portable lamp’s dual origin lies in the world of travel: lighthouses and ship navigation lights on the one hand, and carriages equipped with lanterns on the other. It is composed of four led light sources, each with its own rechargeable battery. Cased in sturdy calfskin, the aluminium structure elegantly frames a thick glass lens.

Creation Yann Kersalé

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