April 1, 2023

2016 vintage car rallying kicks off with the snowy Planai-classic

Hurrah! The international vintage car year bursts into life on 6th January. In the Austrian mountains pre-1972 cars tackle the wintry conditions, driving on snow and ice without modern gizmos such as ABS, 4WD and traction control.

Planai classic

If you’re used to seeing vintage cars in height-of-summer trim it is an amazing sight to see the old-timers in the mountains. Cars taking part are divided into three eras. A 1930s Sunbeam Supersport is the earliest competitor, driven by¬†Johann Kofler whilst the pack includes an MGA, several Porsches, an original 1942 Jeep, Beetles and a British Leyland Mini!

Entry list

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