January 31, 2023

Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

If you’ve never happened to come across any of Wes Anderson’s creations before, “Moonrise Kingdom” might strike you as slightly odd, but make sure that you give it a fair chance.

Teaming up with several of his favourite actors once again, he begins to tell the love story between 12-year-olds Sam(Jared Gilman) and Suzy(Kara Hayward), who decide to run away together. Now add a couple of issue-riddled parents(Bill Murray & Frances McDormand), a middle-aged police captain without much of a life purpose(Bruce Willis), an idealistic scout master(Edward Norton) and a lovely pinch of social services(the Tilda Swinton way), and you have it. Also, the narrator is always there working along with scene titles-a pair the director seems to favour, as we see in other works of his-in order to help and prepare the audience.

Both kids are excellent. The girl with her haunting wild stare and occasional murderous tendencies, and the romantic boy, an expert scout who’s more than meets the eye. As for the rest of the cast, you need only read a couple of names to know you’re in for an acting treat, especially combined with Anderson’s unique style.

This custom-made “cartoon” for grown-ups is probably going to leave you in a dreamlike state, unable to forget the charming romantic naivety of childhood that is its central premise. And be sure to make this film just the start of your familiarization with Anderson, because I guarantee you’ll be in for many pleasant surprises.

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