April 1, 2023

Great breakfast in Bologna at the Hotel Metropolitan #BolognaWelcome

Hotels are about more than just a place to sleep before you hit the road in the morning. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at the Hotel Metropolitan in Bologna we were able to indulge in one that was very elegantly served.

20121117 092751

Rather than just individual items the fruit was attractively presented as in the image above. Delicious pastries and cakes were available, all precisely cut or presented carefully on a plate. Of course there was far too much to be able to taste it all, although we did our best!

20121117 094956

Our very attentive waitresses were called Suzan and Cynthia and they did a great job of bringing us cappucini and Infusions. They even taught us the name of a small doughnut-like delicacy that I hadn’t eaten before. A bomboloncino – as delicious as the name makes it sound! ¬†It was one of those meals when you wish you had a spare stomach so that you could eat twice as much.

20121118 101019


More information

Hotel Metropolitan

Via dell’Orso 6

40121 – Bologna

We travelled to the Hotel Metropolitan as guests of BolognaWelcome. Thanks to Anna, Suzan, Cynthia and the others for a great stay.

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