April 1, 2023

Salumeria Simoni – Great deli in the heart of Bologna #BolognaWelcome

The Salumeria Simoni has been in the same location on the corner of Via Drapperie and Via Pescherie Vecchie since 1960. It is a fantastic space for foodies, full to the rafters with hams and cheeses. Rich Parmeggiano-Reggiano shares space with sweet proscuitto and locally made Mortadella. 

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We were introduced to the different hams by David, son and nephew of the original founders. One leg of proscuitto can cost €150 and the flavour changes according to where on the leg it comes from. It is good to eat with squaqueroni cheese and a glass of local Pignoletto. Connoisseurs know which cut of proscuitto they prefer. It all tasted good to me. Mortadella is the classic salami from Bologna. It is difficult to make and requires cooking in a room kept at the same temperature for a day. 

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David also explained about the original guild of salaroli and lardaioli that formed in 1242. The creation of mortadella has been strictly controlled since then, making sure that standards are kept high. In 1661 the system for making Mortadella was codified and it has been followed ever since. Salumerie like Simoni are keeping the traditional methods going and allowing Italians to continue to buy their favourite delicacies.

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We visited the Salumeria Simoni as guests of BolognaWelcome.

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