January 28, 2022

‘The Unmade Bed’, by Catriona Kerridge

The Unmade Bed

My throat is dry

The bed smells of mouse piss

And I just want to itch

And not kiss

To itch my skin so it flakes away

Snow dropping to the ground

All around

Mounds of my dirty skin.


I don’t like his bed

Unmade, not for arts sake but for fuck’s sake!

I turn away to face the cold damp wall.

Soothing me away from his sticky,



Body heat.

Until I pick up my clothes off the heap.


Leaving my trail of dead skin for the next victim.


A one night stand.

With a man I can’t stand.

Even if he paid.

I wouldn’t have strayed.

He drugged me!

Twenty shots we had.

My head in shame and pain.

To him it was nothing but a game.


Written and read by Catriona Kerridge




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