March 31, 2023

Looking At Art by Andre Pace

What to see Luminosity I am seen It’s temperament nature I am read,  It flows through me Like a vanity of vanties with glimpses of joy , It’s door summary of colors filled with tears […]

A model bank by Bernard King

The bank stood squarely in the centre, on the preferred side, of the Avenue Hoch. Even to Adrian, who was not a student of architecture, the pleasing dimensions of the structure added nothing, but a […]

Ode to Colilla

By the time Eduardo stumbled through the doors of his bedroom, daylight had already begun to cough its way through the streets of Bogota. She was asleep in a foetal position, her hands squeezed tightly […]

Oxjam 2011 gets ready to launch

If you haven’t been before, does one month of continues gigging and events across the UK all in the name of charity sound tempting? Oxjam takes place in October every year in cities across the […]

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