January 27, 2023

Zine recommendations

Monday morning Says is a zine by three St Martin’s illustration graduates with a delightful premise. Not having jobs, but wanting to look busy like everyone else, they meet up on Monday mornings to draw. […]

Phones aren’t us A play in three acts

Act 1 A hardware store in 1850. A gentleman walks in. The shopkeeper looks up. Shopkeeper: How may I help you? Gentleman: I’d like to buy a phone. Shopkeeper: You’d like to buy a what? […]

The Black Swan by Sime Knezevic

Frost falls from her feathers as she unfurls her shadow. A turtle swims violently slow beneath the ripple she did spur. Kingfishers coo in chorus, the sun in their beaks. Morning clouds wax and wane […]

iphone art exhibition

Download your free copy from the app store https://bit.ly/mobileart Art exhibitions are no longer restricted to the lush silk walls of municipal museums or the white cubes of contemporary galleries. Beaches, fences and caravans have […]

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