March 27, 2023

Hell as a business by Sagy Zwirn

The show Big Brother has been successful for some time now, but apart from its name, it has little to do to with Orwell’s grim and dystopian predictions. In fact, the idea behind the show […]

Mona Lisa speaks!

Mona, hi! Can I call you Mona? How many times! My name is Lisa. Lisa di Antonmaria Gherardini Right, sorry. So you’re definitely not Isabella di Aragona? I am not Isabella, or Caterina Sforza, or […]

Quiz answers

1. Brown paper envelope 2. Torquemada 3. Set up a quango 4. ‘Accidentally’ shredded 5. Knighthoods all round! 6. Set up an inquiry 7. Straight to the Lords. 8. Hope everyone’s forgotten when it reports […]

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