December 2, 2023

New Artist: Andrea Marini and his Mono album launch

This week, on Wednesday 28th September, Glaswegian born artist Andrea Marini will take to the stage in the city’s much-loved café/bar/concert venue/music store, Mono. This free show has been dubbed the ‘unofficial’ launch of his […]

Smashed : Lally Katz’s lively two woman play

Despite the slight technical glitch at the very beginning, the moderately cringe-inducing attempt at southern accents about halfway through, and a few somewhat generic one-liners (‘It’s punk – it’s not supposed to sound like music’), […]

Refuge In His Bed

He so looks forward to the end of the day The only time his self loathing thoughts are put at bay He’ll undress, climb into a comfy bed and just lay His mind is suddenly […]

Lawless London

There’s anarchy going on round London town Smashed windows, robbed corner shops and morale is down. The community is crushed, crumbling against the flames And all they can say is it’s because youths have no […]

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