May 27, 2022

Capturing 9/11 in literature: is it too soon?

Writers, like the rest of us, realised the consequential enormity of that day. Indeed, soon after 9/11, Martin Amis noted, “all the writers on earth were reluctantly considering a change of occupation.” Some writers were […]

The eccentric effect

And so London Fashion Week rolls out of town for another season. The editors have flown South followed closely, no doubt, by their controversial, blog-based counterparts. Ah the bloggers. Recognised by their, often nonsensical, mismatched […]

The Writing Life by Jerry Levy

My shrink thinks I should give up writing. “It’s too isolating.” he tells me. “Be with people,” Is he kidding? Has he scanned the newspapers lately? Does he know about the hole in the ozone, […]

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