October 19, 2021

Quick zine reviews

Monday morning Says is a zine by three St Martin’s illustration graduates with a delightful premise. Not having jobs, but wanting to look busy like everyone else, they meet up on Monday mornings to draw. […]

Architectural Uplift – The Engineered Bra

Scottie: What’s this doohickey? Midge: It’s a brassiere! You know about those things, you’re a big boy now. Scottie: I’ve never run across one like that. Midge: It’s brand new. Revolutionary up-lift. No shoulder straps, no […]

Man’s World (2011) by Rupert Smith

As my hand reaches for the book that promises to exclude women, I cannot help but wonder whether it can be of any interest to female readers. Already it is the No. 1 Amazon Gay […]

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