December 7, 2023

Artist Interview: Orca Team

Orca Team is a small band from Oregon in the US; with a somewhat simplistic sounds to them, the trio writes light, nearly shoegazing tracks that are, at the very least, soothing to listen to. […]

softened sadness

your night-shrouded eyes have stayed with me I will not apologize for pulling out my heart to read its pulses, blood curling into little letters still, I know you deserve a genre of happiness you […]

The Meaning of Beauty

  Eric Newton in The Meaning of Beauty…in which Roger Fry¬† wrote ” subject matter is as a kind of bait which the artist uses to attract the spectator”.   I am now looking at […]

Film Review: The Dictator (2012)

The Dictator tells the story of the egotistical dictator of Waadeya, Aladeen (Cohen), who executes everyone who disagrees with him. It is not long before he is called to America to address the UN over […]

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