December 6, 2022

Shootings of Innocent Citizens by US Police

I think the US police forces may be partial to the hiring of combat vets because they feel these are seasoned professionals when it comes to following team protocol and recognized them as being experienced […]

The All Female Ghostbusters?

Woman-o-woman. I ache for you, darling. Man-o-man, I ache. Gentlemen, never underestimate the strength of the opposite sex. She is cunning, she is wise, she is all things, and above all else- she will destroy […]

New #triphop EP coming from @AphtyKhea via @tsoeofficial

MOJO-supported trip-hop enigma Aphty Khea presents her new self-titled EP via The Sound Of Everything UK on 8th July. Made up of dark and brooding shades of experimental and electro-pop, the release is the cosmic character’s most eccentric and lush to […]

Help make a #Brexit documentary–all welcome

The Flaneur is looking for people interested in making a documentary about Brexit. The exact approach is up for discussion, but we’ll have an inclusive approach, using footage from people around the country. If you’d […]

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