January 31, 2023

Moderate Your Games!

Back in the day, you needed some heavy duty software to play games online. And I don’t mean the sorts of flash games you find on your web browser- no, I am referring to the […]

8 Bits are Enough

By now, word has gone down the grapevine that Christopher Hartmann, head of 2K Games, thinks you can’t convey emotions unless you do so through photorealistic graphics. Of course most people know that this is […]

Telling a Story with Cards

With my long holiday finally over, it’s time to get back to work in wonderful world of video games, and what better way to do so than completely side step the entire medium? This week, […]

Artist Interview: Orca Team

Orca Team is a small band from Oregon in the US; with a somewhat simplistic sounds to them, the trio writes light, nearly shoegazing tracks that are, at the very least, soothing to listen to. […]

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