January 27, 2023

Video Games as the Patchwork Art

Art, to me, is wonderful because it has no rules; when you start to add rules to art, I feel it cripples what you can do. -Jim Sterling I have spoken before of Bioware’s Mass […]

Dawn of the Digital Dinosaurs

The release of Bioware’s Sci-Fi RPG, Mass Effect Three, was met by the mainstream media with generally positive feedback. However, in addition to marking a milestone in Bioware’s history, it has become a popular icon […]

The Universal Status of Online Games

I bought Blizzard Studio’s seemingly ancient title Starcraft¬†about two years ago. The game itself was a major hit at the time and reshaped much of the way Real Time Strategy games are made even today. […]

United, We Type

“You bust throught the door and create a diversion. They all turn and aim at you. You try to sweet talk them out of blowing your brains out, while I sneak around back, bust in, […]

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