December 11, 2023

Curating outside the gallery

Art, existing where? And why there? And with what? Expanding the audience of an exhibition is often about not restricting it to a certain group of people which can often occur when venues have a […]

Zanny Mellor: Olympic Sporting Venues

19th July-13th August 2012: Solo exhibition of paintings about the Olympic sporting venues, Neville Johnson interior design showroom, 3 Wigmore St, London, W1U 1AD. I’m a super hero.  Zooming in and around, seeing from multiple angles, […]

How often do you see familiars?

It was 2012 when the morality of the world dissolved. It was time to change history. Are we the same people we were a few years ago?  Our cells have changed, our memory has gaps, […]

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