December 8, 2023

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Maria Z

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Maria Z As The Script’s most recent single ‘Hall of Fame’ soars to No.1 in the Charts and graces everyone’s mp3 devices with its powerful, unyielding presence, cover versions of the song […]

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Hobbie Stuart

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Hobbie Stuart As The X-Factor makes a return to our television screens, the British audience are eagerly awaiting the talented, entertaining and downright embarrassing auditions process, in a bid to identify their […]

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Jordan Jansen

YouTube’s Undiscovered – Jordan Jansen And now for something from across the pond…Jordan Jansen is a fourteen year old singer from Queensland, Australia who over the last few years has amassed a large fan base […]

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