January 27, 2023

D.O.I. (death-obsessed-insomniac)

She remains in bed with insomnia amongst poppers, and fag butts. I burn jealous, the motor in my feet ceased here. Her breath fell, fingers draped on mine. Neither she nor I, left. Teeth grind, […]


I think now, in time I will still, it’s a shame all those ships pass with a stare, a smile, and a dynamite stick. Sad buoys splitting to stoke the sun so that we cannot […]


As I stoop To pull up the old blue mens socks I’ve worn with new shoes, So they now fit the old feet That prevent my toppling forward, I notice the bones beneath my skin So that when […]

Culture Slumming – with the girl…

Culture slumming Talking about a road trip, talking about our rain dance so as the rain hit we were Cab Calloway cool. Smoking out back, crying to the sky. Maybe I fell when you walked […]