September 22, 2023

Thomas Houseago – Hauser and Wirth, London

As Thomas Houseago takes over both the North and South galleries of Hauser and Wirth London with two exhibitions “I’ll be your sister” and “Special Brew” it offers us a breadth of opportunity to further […]

Between the Pages: Contemporary Japanese Photobooks

The current exhibition in the reopened Photographers’ Gallery, Contemporary Japanese Photobooks, isn’t your average exhibition. Instead of the usual ‘do not touch’ signs, you are encouraged to don a pair of white gloves (provided by the gallery) and […]

Review: The Metropolis Organism by Frank Vitale

The metaphor of the city as organic matter is by no means a new one. In ancient Greece, Aristophanes’s Lysistrata, compared classical Athens to a tangle of wool with the insistence that all imperfections, ‘knots’, […]

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