June 25, 2022


Eyes open to obstructed skies Not quite scraped, but somewhat hidden Sunlight bends and shifts Through glass, steel, and pavement Merged and stacked to hold our lives   Eardrums quake to the energies Of all […]


Giant buildings slowly shrivel to dwarves As my distance from them grows Their unending sounds and blaring lights Are deafened and dimmed by the tunnel As it siphons me away   Through the tunnel and […]


Your sharpness is deadly When your anger takes over and you say things you ‘don’t mean’ Your cheeks flare up and you leap out your seat My eyes well up and tears fall as I […]

I Hate a Challenge

‘Challenge’ is one of those words whose meaning has changed over the last few years. Or, to be more accurate, the implied meaning of the word has changed. My pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the word […]

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