December 2, 2023

Interactive Storytelling Technique

Charlie Kaufman explained in an interview with the Writers’ Guild of America that “Theater is alive” while “Film is dead,” and to that end most media are dead too, though not in the sense that […]

Modern Colophons

Chinese handscrolls as a medium have a handful of wonderful, particular nuances, not least of which is the colophon: additional sheets of paper or silk attached to the scroll, which provide commentary from collectors, viewers, […]

Sick Week

Having been sick for half a week now, I’ll probably still be sick by the time this gets published, thus making this Monday the worst I have had in a long time. I had a […]

Moderate Your Games!

Back in the day, you needed some heavy duty software to play games online. And I don’t mean the sorts of flash games you find on your web browser- no, I am referring to the […]

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