January 31, 2023

Best of All, You Let Yourself Down

BREAKING NEWS: Scientists have discovered that it may be advantageous to fail most of your exams, and be forced to graduate a year early with an Ordinary degree. Extensive research has revealed five significant, positive […]

Don’t Believe The Hype!

Don’t believe the hype By Catherine Sawers     I was half-way through an endless telephone call when it dawned on me: ‘My God, she’s reading from the script!’ Is there some chat room they […]

Where is my tribe?

Taken out by a wave of sarcasm as she mocked the pending flare The glass caved in and melted walls she never knew were there If only shed have jumped up then and ran to […]

Review:Lady Neurotica

So…I was sat here this morning drinking my coffee with the intent to muster up a new way to motivate and inspire myself so I didn’t fall into mondays stagnant net, when I suddenly felt […]

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