June 6, 2023

Black Sky: Futuristic Kids on the Block

You’ve rounded up a raggle-taggle bunch of like-minded, dedicated performers. You’ve earned your acting credentials in Edinburgh’s Fringe, gathered your resources and invested time. What next to do, if you don’t want to beg, cap in hand, […]

‘Entitled’, at Curve, Leicester

Just – awe. That’s what I felt on seeing Susan and Darren, the Quarantine production which has haunted me since its first staging four years ago. That was all brought back to me this weekend […]

Smashed : Lally Katz’s lively two woman play

Despite the slight technical glitch at the very beginning, the moderately cringe-inducing attempt at southern accents about halfway through, and a few somewhat generic one-liners (‘It’s punk – it’s not supposed to sound like music’), […]

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