January 27, 2023

Opinion, thought, philosophy

Bosnia: Two Cities

Bosnia was our third stop on a trip round the Balkans, and like most travellers we spoke to, we were unprepared for how much it differed from the surrounding countries. Crossing the border from Croatia […]

of Leaving and Returning Home

The erstwhile decadence of the Cote d’Azur has given way to a different sort of extravagance.  An onslaught of burnished VIPs and yachts crowd the harbour; subject to the driving force of money and transforming […]

The Getaway Guide for Men – Paris!

  “The only thing wrong with Paris is …” the cliché we all know and shamelessly love is not entirely unfounded. Parisians are renowned – even in the rest of France – for their acrimony […]

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