May 27, 2022

Film Festival

The Flaneur is running the first indie film festival held entirely on iphones. Available now from the app store! Click below to download and watch the winning entries:

iphone Film Festival
iphone Film Festival

Winning Entries:

Open category winner:
Cockles and Mussels – An elderly couple’s long-standing relationship is revitalized by a competition they wage with each other. By Leonora Lonsdale. More details

Best film shot on a mobile device:
An Ounce of Mother – Shot on two cell phones and entirely improvised it follows the misadventures of two siblings, on opposite coasts, dealing with the loss of their mother. By Jennifer Howd & Ross Mihalko. More details

Best non-linear film
Summerflies – Nostalgia turns the memories of a teenage summer into a hazy dream of fireworks, swimming pools and carnival rides. All of the video was shot on an iPhone 3GS. Video: Jason Robinson. Sound: Nathan Halverson

Best Cinematography
Red Letter – Shot with a very low budget in 4 days, this thriller shows a young German trying to kill the holocaust beast. By Edilberto Restino. More details

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