December 2, 2023

The Pressing Wait

Hot sips of tea I sit n’ wait for you With cold arms & buckled knees I sit n’ wait for you Same ole, you’re-late-again I sit n’ wait for you When will this waitin’ […]

There’s Too much Space

There’s too much space around me I swing my arms to circles Dart in any direction Without obstructions Without connections This vacuum of freedom Is a cage of solitude I move & move Devoid of […]

Loneliness, an interview with Silvia Alvarez Adalia

Silvia Alvarez Adalia is a Spanish photographer based in Rome. She has worked for magazines, websites and festivals such as Partiamo Viaggiando, L’Arena di Verona, La Stampa, Oggi, Les Flaneurs and Belvedere#2 International Visual Magazine […]