September 22, 2023

W.E. A.R.E. D.I.Y.

DIY creativity is not new, but it’s having another moment in the spotlight. The great thing about DIY is that it has no one scene, but bunny-hops eras – a metamorphosising zeitgeist that can be […]

Charlie Phillips: The Urban Eye

Street life, interracial relationships, fashion, Carnival and images of bohemia are captured in Charlie Phillips’ latest exhibition Charlie Phillips: The Urban Eye. The collection of striking ‘captured moments’ in his photographic collection not only form […]

I Write the Bee Sides…

Trawling junk shops, getting covered in chalk & charcoal, scavenging for a drum kit. These are probably not the usual activities of someone preparing for a book launch. But with seismic changes afoot (that’s right […]

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